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Impossible? Looking for '04 Desert Runner OEM Tire

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I picked up a nail in the SIDE of one of my tires (BF Goodrich Long Trail T/A 265/70-15). My 2004 Desert Runner only has 20,000 miles on it and the tires have at least 60% tread left. :censor:

In the perfect world, I would like to find another OEM tire ~ even if it was new. Apparently my 15" tire has been discontinued and BF Goodrich now sells the Long Trail Touring. The truck uses a full size spare ~ does anyone have a line on a full size 02-04 spare tire & wheel or just the exact tire (new or used)? I hate to buy a set of four new tires or buy one oddball tire that is a different model or brand. I'm in California.



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20k miles on an 04, that is just nutty
So true ~ too many cars + motorcycles + company vehicles. I pretty much use it for house projects and dumping the Sea-Doo into the ocean. :2cool:
Still looking ~ theres gotta be a Desert Runner out there (wrecked or otherwise) with a full sized spare still under the bed.....
maybe i missed it but if you have the matching factory full size spare, move that tire onto your actual rims and buy another tire for the spare.

that is unless they are starting to dry rot, which after 6+ years is a possibility.
My tires are in really good shape due to the climate here and being garaged all the time. I just wanted to avoid buying a mismatched tire for $150 no matter where I mount it. There are not a lot of choices due to the size. I really need to look for more salvage yards that have a few wrecked Frontys and start having them look at the spares under the bed.
Thanks guys ~ I appreciate the gesture. I would be interested in something close enough for me to pick up since shipping would be too expensive.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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