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To help organize the Classified section, we have created this new subforum. Here is where you will informs other members of your need for or your ability to deliver items and nothing else. One new feature found in this section that isn't found anywhere else on Clubfrontier is that the thread starter has the ability to close their own thread once your services are unavailable or your need is satisfied. Since you have this ability, please utilize it by closing your thread when done. Thanks and enjoy!
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not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I recently bought an M226 and had it delivered across the country for a very reasonable amount of money using the services of a fellow enthusiast. He owns his own freight forwarding company and will ship anywhere in North America at cost for members of that forum.

So if you've got anything to buy/sell/trade that would ship via freight truck (say over 100 lbs) Bumpers, wheels, trannie's, engine's, etc. I recomend you find his posting over there and give him a shout. Will ship Freight Items at Cost - Second Generation Nissan Xterra Forums (2005+)
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