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I'm about to do my timing belt, what do you think of this parts list

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I'm trying to save a few bucks off of OEM but don't want to buy junk. What do you think of this parts spec. Anyone know who actually makes the OEM parts for 2002 Nissan Frontier 3.3L?

Gates: timing belt and three accessory drive belts
Paruat: water pump with gasket
Nissan OEM: thermostat and gasket
NSK: timing belt tensioner/idler
TBD: front crankshaft seal
TBD: two front camshaft seals
Nissan OEM: timing belt tensioner spring

*TBD = To be determined
Anyone have any experiance with this brands or have a useful opinon?
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I bought all my parts from ABC Nissan. I think it came in under $260. The oil seals were around 6 or 7 each from Nissan. I'll look when I get home for the actual price list. Don't forget the little 90 degree hose behind the T-stat. It's called a water bypass hose. Be ready for the upper or lower hoses to fail while removing the radiator. Just in case may check to see who has them in stock. What prices are you getting for those things. I think courtesy Nissan has a kit that has pretty much everything in it.
Maybe this will help renew your faith in buying OEM. These prices should be better than Courtesy! -- and we sponsor this forum!!!

Timing Belt $32.18
Fan/Alt Belt $17.18
Compressor Belt $15.42
Power Steering Belt $14.62
Water Pump $85.17
Water Pump Gasket $3.22
Timing belt Tensioner $61.00
Fr Crankshaft Seal $6.14
Fr Camshaft Seals (2) $4.74 EACH
Timing belt tensioner spring $5.36

Scott VanderHeide
Fontana Nissan
800-989-6173 x2253
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I get better pricing from ABC, club discounts etc, but Scott is close to them. I am keep it Nissan, although Gates makes a good product.
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