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Ignition Switch Light Replacement Help

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The lighted ring around my 2011 PRO-4X ignition switch is broken (translucent ring is actually cracked somehow, bought it used that way). I'm tired of living with it. I'm pretty sure I found the part no. I need - 48476-9BH0A. But how do I remove that light assembly from the ignition switch? Do I need to remove the ignition switch from the steering column? The service manual seems to show "self-shear screws" I would need to drill out to do that. I had the dash partially disassembled to take a closer look at the ignition switch, but didn't see an easy way to get that light thing off off it.
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So, if anyone's interested, it wasn't too bad. You can get the key antenna (which assembles over the light ring) and the light ring off the ignition without having to remove the ignition which would require drilling/grinding off the security/shear screws. It just takes a tiny 5/16" box wrench to remove the small antenna bolt. The light ring is pretty fragile and it fits very tightly over the ignition...looks like somebody forced it, probably without lining it up precisely, fracturing it.
Hi Problyhuman,

I know this post is old and hopefully you are still around. I wanted see if you can give a step by step of how you did it from the beginning.

I need to replace mine and have the part ready but want to make sure to do it right.

Thanks in advance!
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