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Ignition key light

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I do not have the lit ring around my key hole. What models does this come on? Anyone add it after? Probably just because I am new to the truck but I can never get the key in unless I turn the interior light on.
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You have a '14 Sv correct? I don't have an answer, but I'm kind of surprised you don't have one.

Is the ring there and just not lighting up?

Yes I have an SV. Appears that only the pro4x and LE have the lit ring. I hope the harness plug is under the dash. If it is I will pick up the lit ring and harness.
Well I took a peek under the dash. I was able to locate the back of the ignition cylinder where the light would go. That is circled in yellow. I also located an unused plug very close, circled in red. I hope this is the plug for the key light. Maybe if someone who has the light has a chance they can snap a pic of where it plugs in for us. Seems you can get this part online for about $35 and if it is a plug N play I will be willing to buy it. The part number is 48476-9BH0A I do belive. I was able to get that info from this thread and it appears it is a simple installation too.


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Thanks! You have the ring that glows? The white part on yours looks like the same opaque white part on mine. I was expecting it to be a more of a translucent or clear looking. I can't see anything from your image that looks different than mine.
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