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If the vent valve breaks off, then what?

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I am dong the axle vent mod. The valve has been soaking in WD 40 for a few days in anticipation of removing it. Well, today I tried to remove it and it wouldn't budge and then the bolt started to round off. I can remove it for sure if I wanted to (vise grips), but what if it breaks which looks like where this is heading? I've already blown a pinion seal so I really want to do this but not at the cost of a broken valve. Has anyone snapped it off and what did you do?
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I didn't even bother to use any penetrating agent, but my vent valve came right off. Have you tried using a deep socket to get more bite? That might keep anything from snapping. Hell, even if you don't have a deep socket, a regular socket and the vise grips are better than just the vise grips....
Maybe a good penetrating catalyst like pb blaster instead of wd40...
Yes, you can just pop the cap off, remove the plastic one-way valve, then throw on a hose and clamp it down. The length of valve stem you have to clamp down onto isn't alot, but it is enough to work.
post pics
Axle Vent Mod Part 2 - TitanSpot - Nissan Titan Forum
Lots of pics here

It seems the nissan part (38323-C601A) has a 3/16 hose barb while the toyota part (90404-51026) has a 5/16 hose barb...just an FYI
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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