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If the vent valve breaks off, then what?

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I am dong the axle vent mod. The valve has been soaking in WD 40 for a few days in anticipation of removing it. Well, today I tried to remove it and it wouldn't budge and then the bolt started to round off. I can remove it for sure if I wanted to (vise grips), but what if it breaks which looks like where this is heading? I've already blown a pinion seal so I really want to do this but not at the cost of a broken valve. Has anyone snapped it off and what did you do?
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Heat It With A Small Micro Torch, And If It Snaps Out. Drill And Tap It Out With Grease On The Drill And Tap To Catch Metal Shavings....any That Go Down Will Hit The Magnet And Stay
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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