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IDrive-Updated with pics

I've been perusing the #Navlife Facebook page for a month or so, multiple members on there have talked about having an IDrive on their trucks. Doing a little research, this looks pretty sweet. Have one on order, should be here from Aus. in a week or so, will report back when it arrives.

iDrive is a throttle controller, for reducing or eliminating throttle lag, which is a problem on newer drive by wire vehicles. In the past, with a throttle cable, you had a direct link to the carb or throttle body, with a drive by wire system, you have to wait for various sensors, algorithims and relays to do their thing, before sending the signal on to the throttle body. IDrive and other devices designed to counter this lag, send a different, more responsive signal to the throttle body, tricking the computer into thinking your deeper into the throttle than you are.

IDrive has multiple settings: Off, A.C. - automatic control, E - Economy, U- Ultimate.
When it's off, throttle response is normal, IDrive does not intervene at all. In auto mode, it senses how hard your get on the gas, and adjusts the signal accordingly. In Economy mode, it increases throttle lag, the upside to this would be off road, where you maybe want to be gentler on the throttle. In Ultimate mode, throttle response is almost instant, in U9 (highest setting), cruising down the highway, if you punch it to pass, you better hang on. Economy and Ultimate have variable settings from 0 to 9.

Price is $299 Australian dollars, with currency conversion, I paid $255 USD for the IDrive and small voltage monitor gauge I need for another product.

This link and video really helps to explain it.

A few photos of my install and what it looks like
Oh boy, a package from Australia

The open box

What's in the box, IDrive, cable, instructions, Velcro, alcohol swab and 2 zip ties

To install, under the dash, locate your gas pedal (it's the long skinny one), the connector circled is simple to remove, carefully pry the colored portion out, takes little pressure to release it, as it releases fully, the plug comes loose on it's on from the pedal

Plug one end of the IDrive into the accelerator pedal, plug the factory harness into the other end, make sure connectors are locked in place. Install it very carefully to avoid bending pins, if you need to, you can unbolt the pedal assembly from the firewall

Once installed, I attached the controller to the dash, coiled up the leftover wire and ziptied it to part of the factory harness so it's out of the way. The visible part of the IDrive is maybe 2" x 1" x 1/8" and mounts anywhere. I put mine on the lower right of the gauge surround, basically behind the wiper stalk, it's out of the way, but I can also still see it
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