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This is a little write-up on replacing only the worn bearings on the idler pulleys, which is much less expensive than buying new pulleys. If there's a squealing coming from the front of your engine (usually when cold), these bearings are a likely culprit.

First, remove the idler and tensioner from the front of the engine.

Sometimes you can temporarily quiet a slightly worn bearing by prying the seals off and packing with fresh grease.

Here are the new bearings, which I obviously bought from NAPA. any 6203 bearing will be the correct size, but make sure you buy a "double rubber seal" style unit. The dimensions are 40mm OD, 17mm ID, 12mm Thickness.

Press (or hammer, carefully) the old bearings out with a suitably sized drift.

And press the new one in, and enjoy your quietly idling truck!

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