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Idler arm brace question

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I have a stock 2000 XE CC 4x4 and would like to start doing some light off-roading. Preliminary research has told me that installing an idler arm brace is a good investment for peace of mind. Is that a good place to begin? If so, I see that Calmini and 4x4 offer one. Is one "better" than the other?
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Are there other places I should start beefing up first?
Well, I think I'm going to install the Calmini idler arm brace...

Can anyone provide torque values for the 3 bolts and 1 bolt under the arm, itself?

Thanks in advance.
In case this thread gets searched sometime in the future, I found ft-lbs torque values from the Nissan Electronic Tech Manual. The usual caveats apply as I found this online from Bandit 4x4's website.

The three bolts that attach the assembly to the body are 58-72 ft-lbs. The one bolt under the idler arm is 40-51 ft-lbs.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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