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Idle RPM for 2005 Frontier

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I just installed a Flowmaster exhaust system and noticed that my truck idles at 750 RPM's. I don't remember what the idle RPM was before the Flowmaster, but noticed after that sometimes it'll drop below 750 to 500 and vibrate a little. If 750 RPM's is not normal what should it be at and what can I do to adjust it?
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My truck with the automatic transmission is around 750 when it is in "D" and a little closer to 900 when in "n" or "P". Due to the load on the engine when it is in "D" but if you have a manual I would imagine it should be up around 8-900. Hope this helps. BTW how does the flow sound on the truck? Is it just a weld in or did you get the whole piping after the cat made as well?
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