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Icon / Total Chaos special

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Now that I am officially a supporting vendor I wanted to put this where it will be seen. I am offering the Icon Vehicle Dynamics 2.5"coilovers and the one and only Total Chaos Upper control arms package for 1325.00 SHIPPED for the first 10 sets sold! Yes these products may be a bit more than others but you make that up in QUALITY, CUSTOMER SERVICE, RIDE QUALITY AND THE LIABILITY TO BACK THEM UP. The regular pricing is $1050.00 for the coilovers and $710.00 for the upper arms. This kit fits both the 05-up Xterra and 05-up Frontier 2wd and 4wd.



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I have this setup installed in my truck and I got it from from prerunner parts and let me tell you it is EXCELLENT! Also Prerunner parts sent everything right away with tracking numbers and no hassle whatsoever, they are a A+ dealer in my book!!!! Thanks again guys!
anther +1 for Nick at prerunnerparts. Great service.
Nick, is this special still on the table? I'll have my $$$ by Friday to make a purchase.
BTW- what do you offer for the rear? Looking to do a 3" in the rear also. Do they make a 3" AAL set-up? Thanks.
The pricing is $1350.00 now as shipping was killing me. The parts are available here Prerunnerparts - Services.

$1350 shipped to Pa.? WOW!! Thanks for the quick response.
nick, i sent you an email. thanks.
pm replied to. I can substitute for Titan arms at no charge or swap the co's for Titan's for an additional $100.00.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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