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Icon or Radflo

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OK. This is my last post asking about suspension, before I drop the money on a lift. After seeing that Mike is using Icon coilovers on his truck, getting 3" of lift, without UCA's, and no coil bucket contact (OEM length Icon), I've decided I can squeeze a lift into the budget now.

So first question is... Do PRG's radflo's offer the same lift, with no contact, as the Icons?? If they do, which setup looks best? PRG would be a few hundred cheaper, but I haven't called PreRunnerparts to see if he has a package deal on the following Icon setup.

Icon OEM replacement coilovers - set at 3" of lift
Mini Leaf spring pack - 2 leaf aal
Bilstein 5100 rear shocks - 0-2" lift


PRG Radflo OEM replacement coilovers
Deaver Mini Leaf spring pack - 2 leaf aal
Bilstein 5125 rear shocks - 0-2" lift

Any advice/thoughts welcome.

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You are comparing a 2.0" coilover to a 2.5" coilover so that's some of the price difference.
SAW's and King's are also 2.5" coilovers SAW are $1100 and King's are $1400.

Both of the AAL pack you are looking only give 2" of lift.
I believe Zedbra is talking about warranty work not service on the coilovers. Contact Icon and see what their warranty is in Canada.
From the few pictures I have seen from different people I have to agree with Irongrave. I saw this today.FS: Radflo Coilovers $750 - Second Generation Nissan Xterra Forums (2005+) Look at this guys coilovers after only 15,000.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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