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i need some NISMO CIA info

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Im thinking about buying a NISMO CAI from a guy off craigslist, he took it off his 09 right after hitting 1000 miles. hes selling it for 150.00.

Is this a Good price for a used CAI?
What parts (besides the CAI) should i make sure he includes for the install?
For those of you who have one, does it sound nice?
And will it improve gas milage?


EDIT: Sorry this should say "CAI" in the heading
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well you have the tube, coupler for the tube to the throttle body, clamps, filter, heat shield, pcv vent hose, various mounting hardware if any, i cant remember if it just used existing bolts to mound everything ..... i think thats all. as far as price, that doesn't sound bad at all since the only real wear item is the filter, mileage on the tube doesn't make any difference on its performance. i love the sound of it personally, really great wot growl to it and once you hit 3 or 4 grand rpm it screams. i saw a loss in MPG but i expected this, not because i put my foot down on the pedal more but because of my understanding of intake and exhaust systems from a very good book, Scientific Design of Exhaust and Intake Systems by philip h smith and john c morrison. the large pipe and open air box give poor air velocity at low RPM and throttle pos but gives very good power top end. the majority of driving is spent in the systems least efficient part of the rpm range with poor air velocity. that said i think i only lost between .75-1.0 mpg. a fair trade off in my eyes for the power when i need it, the sound, and the look of it under my hood. all in all i'd say very worth the 150. you'll love it
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Also keep in mind that the NISMO and the AEM intake are the same thing. Whatever parts you don't get with it you could just get from them. You could also find the install for the intake on AEM's website.
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