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I need honest advice!!! (keep or get rid of truck)

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Ok. 07 Nismo. 40k miles. I have taken FREAKING GREAT care of this truck and have loved it. Actually want to keep it forever. I have maintained and treated this thing way better than even the best maintenance program recommends. Better than a child. Better than a woman. My hands have caressed every part of her and cared for all her fluids intimately. No other person has polluted her with their hands in any of her private areas.

So. The truck comes off lease in Oct. I was planning on purchasing it off lease because its a great truck and I have taken GREAT care of her. I even just purchased and installed a PRG advance coilover package for her.

So... I have been reading about the Transmission Failure/Coolant debacle on here and 6k shell outs to stealerships to replace trannies because of this issue. I Tow a 3000 lb popup through burly mountain passes in CO and the trans has been working really hard since I got the truck with the altitude and all... But I have been taking care of it. Extra fluid changes etc. Never had a problem yet.

So..... I am REALLY pissed that this trans/coolant problem seems to be a definite issue in out trucks. I tow alot and dont want to bypass outside the radiator and have the truck overheating all the time.....

And....I am also pissed because I just spent almost 2k on a new suspension system from PRG that really doesnt feel any different than stock. (Not PRG fault, but rather just sold into the idea that after market would be better than OEM). And it wasnt.

So.... Should I just get rid of this thing when its off lease and buy a new truck before all these towing/trans/radiator issues happen. It seems from what I am reading that its not IF but WHEN.


was thinking of getting a pathy or titan. Or maybe moving over into the diesel realm of vehicles.

would much rather keep my fronty with all the money and care i put into her....she has been good to me.

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Sounds like you put alot of stress into this "transmission failure" Wich already has multuple corrections posted... If the bypass scares you a custom radiator will put your concerns at ease, i consider a secondary trans cooler with a tempature gauge more then sufficent... As for the PRG If im not mistaken the ride quality is suppose to increase a little, but the main bennifits is more travel when offroading...

Just my .02 but keep her and buy the extended warrenty!
A replacement OEM radiator will not solve the problem, a custom or aftermarket or titan radiator might solve the problem.

The aftermarket trans cooler is because if you bypass the radiator cooler adding a secondary cooler with multuple passes and fans will keep your tempature low and keep you from overheating...

The aftermarket cooler can go in front of your current one or in replacement of your current one. Under the truck, in the bed, wherever your heart and creativity can put it.

One is not in replacemnt of the other they are in adittion to eachother. (trans cooler / radiator)

I wouldnt consider these replacement parts... I would consider these upgrades, making my truck into a machine... =)
How is a replacement not going to solve the problem?

An aftermarket replacement Non OEM, (I) would say would solve the problem just fine.

The reason i say OEM will not fix the problem, is becasue the failure is in the seam between the radiator and the trans cooler afixed below it. (I) wouldnt buy another "Cookie cutter" radiator (one that they have a OEM design for and pump them out like rabbits) beacue it would be prone to the same failure (unless otherwise stated)

I did the bypass, she works great. I am however deciding between spending the $$ to have one custom for me or just wait for vk swap and bring the titan one with me.... thats how i see it...

oh yeah and... :itsfriday: For me !!
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