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Joined here as a wanted to find a clean "S" model to use as a compost dump/Home Depot truck. Have owned pickups all my adult life except the last 2 years. (Injured by back 2015was house bound 4 months and it's along road back.) GETTING BETTER.

Had owned a 2004 (NISMO) and liked Frontier quality.

Have been looking and looking. Amazed at how owners beat a truck to stinky stuff in 2 years or even less. (And ask $14k.)

Even looked at Colorado.

Oh well, was at a Ford dealer, saw an ultra clean 2006 Ranger Sport , 60k miles and must have been garage kept. Not a blemish on the body and just some scratches on the tailgate interior.

Bought it for $8800.00.

It sort of duplicates an "S"... manual windows, 4 dr. extended cab, rear wheel drive, 5 speed auto, and the 3.0 V-6 is very close in power to the 2.5. (148 hp. 180 lb-ft torque.)

I think it will serve this old guy well....

Please don't hate me. I still like Frontiers and will lurk here from time to time!
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