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Hey folks I just thought you could appreciate this info. I am a "top reviewer" on Amazon(Currently #4000 up from #777). I get sent all sorts of things to test and review.

Currently I was sent two Chinese scanners to test. The Lauch [email protected] 6001 and the Topdon Plus.

I also bought the Lemur BlueDriver with my own money.

I think you may be interested that the 99 dollar lemur JUST added support for advanced systems for Nissan!

I have been having intermittent VDC issues. I have trouble shooted some things like electrically checking the brake lamps switch and such.

Within minutes of hooking up the lemur BlueDriver and clicking "Scan all systems" I found the issues! I will try to attach the explanation of the issues.

The codes were
C1106 Left rear wheel sensor
C1109 Abnormal battery voltage
C1163 steering angle sensor.

I suspected the Steering angle sensor and I started to suspect a bad wheel sensor before reading the.

However in reading through the possible causes, I found that one possible cause was corrosion in the connector that goes to the ABS unit.

Now previously I suspected that Carmzx, The people that sold me the car had maybe gotten water in the harness as it was clear that they power washed, or cleaned the engine with water, as it was spotless and a vehicle with 77000 miles should not be that clean.

I took the connector off and had water and crud in it.... I don't know that that fixed the problem, but it sure didn't hurt!

A couple videos will be coming out on The Suburban Hippie Experimentalist


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