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Hi, guys
I drive a 03 Nissan Frontier. It is stock and well some rusts and dents as well a flapping bumper. (Bought it from my uncle 1st its cheap 2nd i need a truck for personal reason)

I need some help on finding some parts because i really dont have a clue which parts i should get or if it would fit in. I saw some of the builds they look amazing and I want to make mine some what like them too.

Here are the parts I want to upgrade that I dont have an idea where to get them or what their names are or if they are legal in Cali:
*Lift Kit - not too high, but perfect. like 3 in. high or something
*Struts and Shocks - preferably a lifted one already if such thing exist

-Body Kit
*Alternative Fender Flare - mine is as as crispy as KFC chicken, I need a new one or is it fine to dont have one (thoughts?)
*Fully metal front and back bumper/guard - like i said my bumper flaps and there are so many guard out there im so confused if they'll work on mine

-Intake and Exhaust
*Outside intake - i saw some of the builds have this intake lookin like a farmer's tractor exhaust which i think is really cool also i want my truck to be able to submerge in water in case of events may happen (Survival truck sort of)
*Exhaust - mine is so rusty that it look like a dirt hanging in the back of my truck, i wanted to know if any you guys ever tried to have your exhaust on the top right/left side of your car or is it even possible?

Of course i could always ask Google but obviously you guys have more first hand experiences.

I really do appreciate it, thanks. ::grin::

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First off you have a 1st gen frontier. So start looking there. Is is 2wd or 4wd?

Use google. It is much better than searching this site. Read through the suspension sticky. Then ask questions.

For steel bumpers look at shrockworks, hefty fab works or ARB.
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