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Hey everyone. Been a super long time. But i am back with a Shiny (new to me) frontier Pro4x

You might remember my old KC. i came close to almost beating jen for truck of the month, but we all know she has the baddest KC around.

Well now i have my new truck and its time to start throwing all the parts on it that have been sitting in my garage for the last 2 years.
I have installed my intake, BD tuner, Bumper and full set of Hefty Aluminum skids so far. working on making some changes to my custom sliders before they get installed. I'm getting my 2.5 radflos rebuilt and then i will be throwing the full titan swap on. the drop bracket will have to wait till after our wedding in October as i still need to purchase the rear radflos from Nomad as well as gears plus gear install and custom driveshaft, and some wheels to put the 35's on.

so for now she will just be M205 titan swapped on 32's and full armor.


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