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Husky Floor Liners

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I've always bought Husky molded rubber liners for my Jeeps and we have a set in our MDX. I have searched the site, but found no mention of Husky liners. Does anyone have them, or would Nissan OEM rubber mats be a better way to go?

Husky Liners site show sets for both KC and CC models.
3626_ & 6626_
3626_ & 6627_
respectively, _ = add 1-Black, 2-Grey, 3-Tan
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I have the Nissan rubber mats and I would like to find the Husky rubber liners.
You can find them on ebay under nissan frontier,parts & accessories.
I ordered a set for the front from I will post pictures once they come in.
i cant tell is there a lip by the door, i'd like to get them but i dont want to hit my feet on it everytime i get in.
There's a lip, that's what holds all the slush and much on the mat and not on the carpet.
I got mine the other day,they don't look as good as the ones i had in my 2000 frontier.The older omes had taller sides.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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