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Huntington Beach Lifeguard Trucks

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Hahaha. This is pretty stupid, but I live real close to Huntington Beach and surf there all the time. Just the other day though I was there and realized that now there lifeguard trucks are nismo frontiers. I was stoked and thought that was pretty cool. I don't know why, but here is a picture I found on the internet.

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Picture is no bueno... site having issues again?
That's from 2007... LACLG has since switched to the Ford Escapes.... Not sure about you guys under the Orange curtain. I miss LACLG using frontys though. Made for a more pleasurable beach experience.
They USED to run a Dodge!
Before all the surfing hype.


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they now use tacomas though. beach maintenance still uses titans. state parks uses dodge rams and durangos.
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The second generation yellow trucks on the beach were nice looking. I saw them two years ago on vacation.

I must have saw a left over one or something.
Must have. But I know I miss them. Wish I would have know when they swapped, could have picked one up at the auction for cheap.
I used to live in HB, and of course surfed daily, my place was at coast highway and Golden west street. That was the late '70's, and the lifeguards used Nissan's painted bright yellow back then.
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