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Hunt Valley MD "CARS & COFFEE"

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Saturdays from 8:am to 10:00am "CARS & COFFEE" at Hunt Valley MD. Lots of nice cars & trucks. Nice place & nice people. All welcome, all makes & models.
A good place for Frontier owners to meet each other, share build tips, socialize, etc. Hopefully we can get Mid-Atlantic Frontier Club up & running that we can organize meets, truck cruises, etc.

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NICE! A little late to the thread, but wow! Let's get more Frontier's rollin up!
Didn't take many photos due to the cold weather, Lol. Great meeting "jaymarstel" & "RedDR." Here is two pictures of our gathering this morning! Hopefully, we can get a large number of Frontier's in the future.


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Jay, great meeting you and nice rig! Great pics thanks for posting.
Thank you and I concur! Great introductions and conversations in reality. Love the classic RedDR man! Never SELL it, LOL.

Nice looking crew of Frontiers. The Desert Runner is a classic, I really like it's beefy stance. Reminds me of a tough bull dog

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I agree! :thumbup:

RedDR's front kinda reminds of the late 2002 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V. Classic Frontier looks aggressive.
I'll make an appearance this Saturday.

Edit: Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it out this weekend.
Hello "CAR'S & COFFEE FRONTY'S"! I hope you all are well. Last week's bitter cold weather & then ice storm really was a pain in the back.
I'm looking forward to hanging-out with you all at Hunt Valley CAR'S & COFFEE Events in the coming months.
I just wanted to touch base with guys to hear if you've done or plan on doing some updates or mod's to your FRONTY'S.
I had planned some mods, but to date all have hit snags!
1. Got a RIGID Light Bar but can't find brackets to mount it to my Fronty.
2. Got a AIRFLOW SNORKEL from Australia but it's made for Nissan Navaro Diesel . (I will have to fabricate mounting).
Anyhow, looking forward to warmer weather and meeting up at CAR'S & COFFEE.

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I concur! The weather has been extremely atrocious.
However, I gotta say, the Fronty has been a smooth ride, rollin in the snow like butter. I love the 4x4!

As far as mods go, I finally got %20 tint on the passenger side and driver side.

Future mods pending...

- Roof Rack
- Step Rails
- And delete the Antenna for a slick-short look. (I'm still researching on short antenna's and better reception)

Definitely down for future meets!
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