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Hunt Valley MD "CARS & COFFEE"

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Saturdays from 8:am to 10:00am "CARS & COFFEE" at Hunt Valley MD. Lots of nice cars & trucks. Nice place & nice people. All welcome, all makes & models.
A good place for Frontier owners to meet each other, share build tips, socialize, etc. Hopefully we can get Mid-Atlantic Frontier Club up & running that we can organize meets, truck cruises, etc.

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I'll be there tomorrow as long as I get my Wheel bearings done tonight(should be a piece of cake).

Edit: I won't be there I don't have 32mm impact socket and have to get one online. :(
**** I had wrestling( highschool :surprise: ) saturday morning.
What teams competed? How'd your match go?

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Just practice ... probably won't be able to make it out to Cars And Coffee till after the season. Lets make it our goal to get 6-7 trucks out at some point.
Count me out again for this Saturday
I won't be able to make it out..... AGAIN :crying::crying::crying:
I'm planning to attend. I know everyone is busy with holidays and don't expect much of a turnout. And that's understandable. But if I can add another Frontier member it's well worth it! Spring is just around the corner and we can plan a awesome Frontier Meet/Cookout Party!

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Maybe a off road trip as well ::smile::
Hello Frontier CARS & COFFEE goers. Just wanted to wish all of you a Happy & Safe New Year!
I'm looking forward to seeing you all once it gets warmer. And hopefully we can get more Frontier owners to join us.

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Same goes to you!
Ill be there saturday ::grin::
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