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Here are 2(TWO) R/C cars. This is a deal @ $625.00 plus shipping. If you were to buy these alone you'd be looking at about $800 to $1000. 1st is the hpi rs4 awd. I bought this car new about a year ago. The car runs great and is cleaned after every run. It has a 2 speed trans and tops out about 65 to 70 mph. That's not scale speed. This car is FAST!! I'm throwing in all the parts and extras that you will need. 1 set of drift tires 1 set of street tires on 26mm wheels with a 9mm offset for that deep lip look. 2 bodies, 1 is a black Benz and the other is a Honda S2000. 2nd car is a team AE TC3 awd. I bought this car from a friend used. This car needs the pull starter fixed. I had it out about a month ago and the string broke. Here are some of the parts and accessories I'm throwing in. 1 full gallon of fuel and a half gallon of fuel. Glow plugs, Glow plug starters one that has a wall charger the other one just takes a battery for easy starts. The hpi I have the box for that has all the instructions for the car. I also have a box of parts for both cars. Here are links for both cars.
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::HPI RACING:: - Nitro RS4 3 Evo+
Here is a link to my flickr for more pictures.
Flickr: Hpi RS4 evo & other RC cars
Email me. [email protected] Please put RC Cars in the subject bar...

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