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Aloha From hawaii. I have just picked up a 98 frontier 4x4 xe and its great. Joined this forum to help me put some mods on my truck.
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You came to the right place for ideas. Hopefully you have enough money to buy them all.

Welcome and enjoy.

Welcome to the club.

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Welcome To The Forum Youll Learn A Lot What Island U From?
Aloha and welcome to da club! Kauai girl here, where you stay?

I like your wheels.
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Welcome to the club, nice truck!
eh thanks for the warm welcome. i stay on Oahu but planning to move BI soon. I think the first thing im gonna change out is the intake and header since I already got a flowmaster on it. anyone have any advice on what i should look in to? also i was thinkin bout seafoaming it this weekend. has anyone done it? is it really worth it?
Seafoam really cleans gunk out, I use it though a vac line and it bogs the motor down so be careful. I use 1/3 in the vac line, and the rest into a full tank of fuel maybe twice a year. For headers on a V6 I assume this is pretty much your only option: and for the intake I suggest a Volant closed box CAI.---> --- coupon code: keep15 ( I think) to save 15%. That the intake I got and the cheapest place I found it + its carb legal in Cali.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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