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Howzit From South Africa

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:hi: Hello to ya al!!!
I’m from South Africa, where a 4x4 is almost a necessity, I own a 2006 Navara 4x4 (Right hand drive Frontier) from November 2006 with many trouble free journeys.

Mods so far, Grill inserts, Free flow Exhaust system, Uni-Chip, and more coming soon.

Also I'd like to know what top end run speeds have any of you guys got on GPS, Mine did 212km(132mph)
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Welcome to the club!

I really want to go to World Cup 2010 in Jo-burg, but no.. I got the wife prego lol. I've never tried to see how fast mine goes. Might have gone 90 in it one time.

So you 4x4 a lot or live out of town?
Thanks for the friendly Welcome...

Congrats on the pregnancy!! .... one gets limmited alot when it happens but its worth it!!

I used to live outside of town but moved closer last year...My 4x4 is mostly used for towing the boat or MX Bikes, don't get to mutch time to do full 4x4...

You say you only got like 90??? mine used to be limmited on 180km/h, removed it within a month... why wast such power...

oops, meant kph
180KPH is 111MPH it's about the same place as they are governed in the states.. I have gotten mine up to 124mph on dirt, or 200kph for the yarpie.
Hello and welcome to the Club...
welcome to the club our overseas brother.

the fastest i have gotten mine is 118 mph, that is bone stock
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