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After a couple weeks of searching I found and bought a 16' King Cab SV 4-Cyl, 5 speed, 2WD from Port City Nissan in New Hampshire. I had a great experience with the dealership.

I'm looking forward to learning about the truck and making a few mods.

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Thank you for the welcomes! I added a few pics in the OP.
Welcome to the club. I really like the grilling on the shovel.
Thank you.

Go Bills!

May I ask you why you decided on a 4 cyl? I think this truck with the V-6 is a great compromise over a full size. But, IMO with the 4 cyl you get very few benefits if any of the benefits of having a mid-size pickup.
Mostly cost. I also don't plan to tow, so I had no real need for the bigger engine.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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