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Howdy -- new here and to the Frontier ..

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So just a bit of background, I've owned a car since I was 18. A CAR not a truck.
My first vehicle though was an old S10 Chevy longbox. I got it when I was 16 and loved every minute of it.

I now own a BMW (I call her the beater bimmer, cause she's been beat and is a bimmer) and a Miata that I use for autocross, track and cruising. Anyhow, the beater bimmer is aging well and not worth much (150000miles) but I'd like to get into something different ... that different is in the form of a truck.

I've always double taked the Frontiers .. specifically the first Gen cause of the faux(?) bolt on fenders .. killer. And I used to love the old King Cab look. I think Nissan has done an exceptional job with the Frontier.

I'm not down with the truck scene which is why I'm here. To get a biased view on what the Frontier can do, how to make it better and what to look for.

So figure I'd say hello! Looking forward to learning and educating myself on what the Frontier has to offer, as I am in the market.

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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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