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Howdy from the Rocky Mtns.

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Got a 2001 Frontier SE, Crew Cab, 4x2, 6 cyl. (VG33XE), 5 speed, and all the factory bells and whistles, roof rack, running boards, 6 disc CD Changer, AC, etc. It's factory stock, but it gets me to and from the salt mine during the week and out to my favorite high mountain trout ponds on the weekends. I just throw on a set of tire chains out of the truck box when the snow gets deep and in the Rockies, we do get snow from time to time. Got the 3,500 lbs. tow package with it, so hookin' up the trailer and haulin' a cord or two of firewood, etc. is no biggie. Makes me look good goin' down to the rodeo or takin' my wife out to the waterin' hole for dinner.

Looks like you fellas got a great site for lots of information on my favorite truck.

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Welcome to the club.

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Welcome to the club!

Where do you live in the Rockies at?
Welcome and happy to hear your positive ownership experiences.

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