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New to the forum. Bought my 2015 Frontier Crew Cab Pro-4X this past July. I live in an awesome place, the Yukon Territory in Northern Canada, and I found the F-150 I was driving wasn't quite cutting it.

The Ford was still pretty new and nicely equipped, but I found it unwieldy on trails and I'd gotten it stuck in a situation that didn't seem that bad. The local dealer had the Pro-4X on clearance and I was impressed on a test drive... it was an impulse buy but I haven't looked back.

Late one Saturday night a couple of weeks after getting the truck I impulsively went for a drive, and found a trailhead in the back of an industrial area in town and I figured I'd give it a go. Trail was clear and dry for the first couple of hundred metres, but then I hit a fairly big bog and wondered if I was going to get stuck in the middle of the night. But, nope, my little truck powered right through without batting an eye.

Very happy with the truck, and looking forward to my first winter :)

Brett Chandler
Whitehorse, YT, Canada
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