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Decided to finally change the plugs after 93,000 miles. This job isn't hard at all, takes about 1.5 hours including cleaning all the carbon deposits.

Start by disconnect the negative battery cable and removing the intake tube and air filter:

Next, disconnect the MAF and air box to throttle body tube:

Unbolt TB, unplug connector. Coolant hoses can stay connected.

Remove vacuum lines with brackets. Disconnect any other lines that are clamped on.

There are two nuts and three bolts holding the manifold to the head. Just behind the TB, there is a bracket too, loosen the top bolt and then remove the lower one. Unplug the connector going to the injectors.

Leaving the fuel line attached, set the manifold to the side.

Now unbolt the coil packs and remove plugs.

Old vs. New

Now clean everything, replace gaskets, and reassemble. Go easy on the bolts they don't take much torque, too much and the inserts will pull out. Make sure the two gold bolts go in the lower holes, the grey (green) bolt is longer.

Manifold Bolts: 83 In lbs
6 means to double torque it.
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