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How to properly camp in a Fronty!

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So.... These pics are beyond late. I know. This was back during the summer. I moved to Utah back in June of last year and really haven't been on here much since so that would be why. But regardless I figured I'd share. This was one of the last weekends before my truck became a logo'd up company truck for myself. Absolute Hot Water LLC. i like the logo's... but am still happier without them. Thinking of changing to magnets.

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Sweet pics man.
nice pic's.
Those logos do look pretty good.
A+ on the pics.

A+ on the logos.
great pics. nise truck
Great pictures. I use magnets for my signs with a color matched base. They look like they are applied to the paint but after work they can come off and I can be anonymous.
You just need to remove them and wash and wax under them often because if ignored they can fuse to the paint and ruin the finish.


What did you paint your wheels with?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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