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This Is Based On A 4x4 But 4x4Parts.Com Has 2WD Lift Kits and Parts As Well. In General Lifting The 4x4 or 2WD Is Pretty Much The Same.

To Lift and or Level via the Suspension you need UCA's (Upper Control Arms) to get 3'' in the front unless you want to keep everything stock then 1.5'' is the max you can go (See PML at bottom of page). Then You need either Shackles, Blocks, or an Extra Leaf in the rear. It's your choice. Shackles are the easiest option. Going off memory, the shackle has to be twice the length you want to lift. So if you want 1'' lift in the rear you need a 2'' shackle and so on.

A Body Lift IS KEY To Getting Large Tires To Fit WIthout Rubbing, Having To Trim, Or Having Your 33's Stuffed Up Into Your Wheel Well or Ripping Your Fender Flares Off the First Time You Compress Your Suspension All The Way. A Suspension Lift IS NOT KEY To fitting Bigger Tires Like 33's and Up. A 2'' Body Lift is Plenty For Fitting 33's. A Body Lift Does Just That. It Lifts Your Body Up and Out of The Way of Your Tires, It's Static, Constant, and Doesn't Change. A Suspension LIft Is Not Static, Not Constant, and Changes in height when the Suspension is compressed.

Keep in mind that your truck comes from the factory with a 1-1.5'' Rake I believe. So the Rear is already 1 - 1.5 inches higher than the front.

YOU NEED TO MEASURE BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING - Make sure you do this. I had to learn the hard way. I got so excited about my lift that i forgot to measure. Anyways, you measure from the seam to the ground under the farthest point forward under the front door and behind the front mud flap and at the side rear somewhere like the frame to the floor at a point thats fairly far back.

Check Out 4x4Parts.Com - They Have Everything You Need For A Lift. Their Products are Quality and Ship Fast. Cant Say Enough Good Things About Them
Kit: 4x4 Parts - Frontier Suspension Lift SPAC994743 - Your #1 Source for Nissan Aftermarket Parts!
They Have Other Options and Many Other Parts aside from that kit for a lift - So look through their site.

Other Parts For A Thorough Rock Solid Lift:
- Bilstein B6 4600 Shocks
These work for stock height or up to a 3'' Lift out of the box. No adjusting is needed. They provide a nice solid ride. Not "Floaty" at all.
- Tie Rod Kit (covered in 1st video below) from 4x4Parts.Com
- Idler Arm Brace (covered in 1st video below) from 4x4Parts.Com Only fits the OEM Idler Arm
- Upgraded Metal Bushings for Idler Arm (covered in 1st video below) from Bandit4x4.Com Took my Idler Arm to a machine shop and had them press the bushings in and install a Zerk Fitting. The Bushings in the OEM Idler Arm are plastic. They're fine for stock height but when the truck is lifted it'll wear those plastic bushings out.
- Upgraded Center Link (covered in 1st video below) from GrassRoots4x4.Com (you may think this guy is out of business but email him, he'll get back to you. Took about a month to get my center link back. I went to the JunkYard, pulled one off a X and sent him that one so i could still drive my truck. A machine shop could do the same thing for you tho so.....
- Torsion Bars From what I uderstand, the Torsion Bars that 4x4Parts.Com sells are made by Sway-A-Away. They provide up to a 20% higher Spring Rate. Our Trucks don't have Coil Overs. We have Torsion Bars which accomplish the same thing. I definitely noticed a difference after i put them on. The truck doesn't roll as much on curves and turns which is a huge plus when the truck is lifted. I don't get that "oh shyt im about to topple over" feeling on sharp curves. The truck doesn't "Sway" as much and the difference is noticeable. Many guys run the Stock Bars and thats fine too tho. Torsion Bars - Sway-A-Way | Racing Technology and 4x4 Parts - Frontier Torsion Bars SPST1447b - Your #1 Source for Nissan Aftermarket Parts!
- Body Lift Alternate Option: 1" and 2" Body lift fits 2001-2004 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab — Mikelli's Body Lifts This guy also sell on eBay
- Can Be Used Instead of Shackles. They have an extra leaf in them (3 vs 2) Give 1.5 - 2 Inches of Lift. (i've had these on for 1.5 years and they haven't lost any height) 69-255HD Heavy Duty Rear Leaf Spring | 1998-2004 Nissan Frontier 4x4 (
I Put the HD Springs On and Torsion Bar'd The Front Til the Truck was Level. Actually i have like 1/4 - 1/2 Inch Rake, i don't remember exactly. To this day the truck remains at the same level and i can handle much more payload Before my rear end sinks all the way to the ground as well. I talked to another guy who went this route with his 1st Gen Frontier and he said after 3 years of towing, hauling, and off roading that his springs are still maintaining height. Not a bad idea since you get new Leaf Springs plus the benefits of a lift. It's a WIN WIN. There's also the "3 Leaf Add-A-Leaf Pack" at 4x4Parts.Com which is the same idea. It adds an extra leaf which lifts the rear end

- Adjustable Shackles from 4x4Parts.Com I bought these as well. They have 3 different height settings which can be adjusted to provide from 7/8" to 2" of lift. They're extremely well built and look durable. Like I said tho, i ended up not needing them since the HD Springs provided the Lift I was looking for. Nissan - Suspension - Suspension Lift Components - Rear Suspension Components - Frontier - 1998-2004 Frontier - Shackles (

Another Note:
Not sure if its just my truck for some reason but i had a problem with the Inner Tie Rod Ends. The Outers worked just fine though.

I bought the Beefier Tie Rods and Tie Rod Ends from 4x4Parts.Com but with the Inner Tie Rod Ends there just wasn't enough clearance for my application for some reason. They were too thick/wide and the frame kept getting in the way. There just wasn't enough room to mount them.
Anyways, I ended up at AutoZone and got the OEM sized Duralasts. I was able to mount them up and even then they ever so slightly rub the frame. I mean just barely rub. I can see a horizontal line about 1 or 2 inches long where they rub the frame when turning the wheel. A light touch of the flapper wheel on the tie rod end would be enough to get 100% clearance but the contact of the inner tie rod end and frame is extremely minimal and has probably grinded itself down by now. Autozone also has the "Value Craft" line i believe which are even smaller than the Duralast OEM Replacements and would've given me plenty of room. This is an off road truck though, so at minimum OE Spec was going back on.
So, Just Something To Keep In Mind If You Come Across This Problem.

Indexing and Re Indexing the Torsion Bars Can Be A Pain bc there's a learning curve if you've never done it. I got to the point that i can Re Index My Torsions in just minutes now though. The Factory Service Manual Has The Directions in the "Front Axle & Front Suspension" Chapter Nissan Service Manuals - NICOclub

Read This Thread on Lifting Our trucks. The Best Single Thread I've Found On Lifting Our Trucks

Can I fit 34" Tires without a BL?

- Here's The Lifted Alignment Specs

Alignment Spec with SL

Lift Alignments - Explanations, Results, and Reviews -...

This Guy Goes Over Everything You Need For a Lift In The Videos Below:

Alignment And Explantion of Parts

Lifting Via Torsion Bars

Re-Indexing Torsion Bars

3" SL + 3"BL on 33's - Stands 8 Inches Over Stock Height Now

000019.png ACE89693-41B3-457B-BE6C-968C61BFF444.jpeg 79714211_3036928646336745_1813416964253548544_o.jpg 80883316_3036928649670078_430494721085800448_o.jpg 80111821_3036928633003413_3798000010319101952_o.jpg 81372934_575263023033558_2881896409638895616_n.jpg 01 My Frontier Pics.jpg 86292968_3169867636376178_2748720421661573120_n.jpg

There's Also the Poor Mans Lift (PML) Which Only Requires Shackles and Cranking of The Torsion Bars. You Can Get 1.5 Inches of All Around Front and Rear Suspension Lift From Your Stock UCA's and Adding Longer Shackles in The Rear. Total Cost of PML: Simply The Cost of Longer Rear Shackles ($50-$120 Depending On What You Buy). Lifting The Front is FREE.
You Can Also Level Your Truck Out For FREE Just by Cranking The Front Torsions and Leaving The Rear AS IS. Your Truck Comes From The Factory With A 1 - 1.5" Rake. Meaning Your Rear is 1 - 1.5'' Higher than the Front Provided Your Leaf Springs Aren't Totally Shot.
The Stock Control Arms Will Allow Up To a 1.5'' Suspension Lift By Cranking The Torsion Bars. Any More Than 1.5" and The Angle Of The Ball Joint Will Be Too Great. You'll Break Them.
Search results for query: PML | Nissan Frontier Forum (
Search results for query: Poor Mans Lift | Nissan Frontier Forum (

After installing a 3'' Body Lift the 4x4 Shift Lever inside the cab may not go back all the way. This isn't a problem with the 2'' Lift. All you do is notch out the shift plate about an inch or 2 in the path that the shift lever will take. I had a hard time getting into 4 Low before i notched the plate. I could get it in 4 Low but barely and it would pop out on the first bump. Getting to the plate and notching it is a 15 minute job. I go over it in this post here: Torsion bar right up with pics (post #23). Torsion bar right up


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Excellant !!! Thanks for taking the time to lay it out like this (y) It`s literally on my next step of the " to do things for my truck " and i wasn`t sure where to start ,, now i got a starting point , Thanks man !!

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For Sure, This Is All The The Info I Saved When I Lifted My Truck. It Was The Best Info I Have Found. Rather Than Continuously Posting Liinks When Answering Questions I Just Made A Single Thread That Says It All.
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