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How to install Prodigy Brake Control

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I finally got around to getting my Tekonsha Prodigy Brake Control in my 06 today. As I was doing the work, I figured I'd get my camera going to put up a write up of how I did it:

There are only 2 scews that hold the lower dash panel on. The right one is near the center console:

And the left is accessed AFTER removing the small dash trim piece to expose it. I pulled the weather-strip out and then the little dash piece just pops out.

This will then expose the lower dash bracing - which is RAW steel!!

Here is the L bracket that I made to mount the control; out of some scrap aluminum.

The slot is there from the factory to hold the lower dash panel. The two holes are holes I drilled to mount the new bracket. I used 3/16" hardware. Mine is 1" in length, but could be a little shorter.

After everything is mounted, plug in the factory harness into the back of the control and then into the factory harness. ( Then just put the dash panel back together!

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good write up, nice job on the install too
nice install man, i have mine on velrco in the same spot in the dodge
Reviving an old thread, I know, but I just wanted to say thanks to the original poster! I installed my brake controller in the same spot using a bracket I made much the same way and it looks great.
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