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How to clean AEM Dryflow Filter?

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Hey guys I custom made my own CAI for my 4 banger a while ago and you can see it in the pic below. My question is, how often does the filter on a CAI like this need to be cleaned? I think I have about 6,000 miles on it right now and have never cleaned it. Also, this filter is an AEM Dryflow and you can't oil it. AEM makes a kit of solution to clean the dryflow filter, but I dont think its necessary to clean the little filter on my getto intake. It seems you put the solution in a bucket of water and dip the filter in the bucket and shake it around. Then I'm sure you have to let it dry out a while. Im just wondering if there is some other solution anyone else has used.

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i know some people just vacuum them off, it probably doesn't get everything off but i'm sure it works. not sure how you are about cleaning filters or when you do it but i'd probably just vac it one oil change and use their cleaning solution on it the next oil change then repeat the cycle (i clean my filter every oil change)
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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