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How to clean AEM Dryflow Filter?

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Hey guys I custom made my own CAI for my 4 banger a while ago and you can see it in the pic below. My question is, how often does the filter on a CAI like this need to be cleaned? I think I have about 6,000 miles on it right now and have never cleaned it. Also, this filter is an AEM Dryflow and you can't oil it. AEM makes a kit of solution to clean the dryflow filter, but I dont think its necessary to clean the little filter on my getto intake. It seems you put the solution in a bucket of water and dip the filter in the bucket and shake it around. Then I'm sure you have to let it dry out a while. Im just wondering if there is some other solution anyone else has used.

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yah i dont mind paying for the solution, but I just can't find it anywhere conveniently.

If you do use that solution they show directions of not spraying anything, but actually dipping the filter in a bucket of water. Im thinking of using some other cleaner or something to make a mild solution of water to soak it in.
autozone has it for $12, cleaner solution and oil. got myself one last week. Made by K&N.
Yah I've seen that but didnt think it would work for this filter since its a dry flow filter and you cant oil it. Ive read some more of people just using a mild detergent and even on AEMs site they suggest simple green as an alternative. So I might just try a very diluted solution of simple green and water and let it soak for a bit.
i used the simple green today with the same directions that aem gives for the solution using a bucket of water. it worked great and the filter is just drying still
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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