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Irishman: Get it fixed ASAP. NO JOKE. I had my SES light come on for the same thing after an offroad session one night. Didn't take it too seriously as the truck ran fine, 2 weeks later my motor took a sh!t. Catalytic converter broke up and motor sucked the peices back up! And I can only speak from my experience, but Nissan basically laughed at me when I ask if it was under warranty. I do have alot more miles than you, and im up in Canada, so my emission warranty may be different also.

Side note: I happen to have 2 used catalytic converters with I believe around 19K miles on them. They look to be in good condition, however they were not off my truck so I can't be sure. They came on the replacement motor I picked up for my truck, and as I put DT long tubes on I had no use for them. If I remember correctly, shipping was in the $50 range to (can't remember where) but was pretty deep into the USA from where I am located. PM if you want more details, and I will do what I can.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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