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you really have nothing to worry about, there are plenty of people that have been running amsoil and and other products instead of nissan fluid with no problems. amsoil far exceeds nissans standards for what they require from a fluid. at the time that i switched matic j was also the only thing that nissan offered which is part synthetic (now they have matic s which is full synthetic) and with amsoil far exceeding nissan standards and being full synthetic the choice was simple for me, amsoil. thanks to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act you don't have to worry about nissan trying to deny you warranty on your tranny for not using their fluid because legally they can't. legally they cant force you to buy their products and can't deny you warranty for using a fluid that meets or exceeds their standards. its nothing new that an auto maker will have its own standard of fluid the only difference is ford lincoln and mercury aren't trying to say you can only use ford fluids, they use mercon, gm isn't saying you can only use gm fluid, they use dexron. matic j is actually made by castrol then nissan slaps its name on it and says you can only by this. matic j is actually Castrol transmax j which they made to work in all JASO 1A spec Japanese auto trannys, Pennzoil ATF-J is also the same thing made to JASO 1A spec and IDEMITSU ATF HP is what is used in japan as the standard JASO 1A spec fluid which is also all the same fluids that subaru calls for in their trannys. matic j really isn't this magical fluid that so many people seem to think it is its just JASO 1A spec and there are plenty of fluids that meet or exceed that spec that you can use no problem. hope this helps ya out and lets you rest easy
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