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How fit a 15" wheel

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Hi guys,
I have a Navara/Frontier 2007 (I'm from Spain). We know that the Calipers are too big to fit 15" wheels.
Could you help me about how to modify the caliper or the brake to fit 15" wheel?
I know Wilwood Brake Parts, but I don't know if this is the solution.

BS. (I'm sorry for my bad English):thumbsup:

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Solved with a spacer of 3 cm and a tire hub 6x4.5 15x10 Black Rock BS 4 1 / 2. The clamp is fair but the main problem is that you need a spacer for the majority of the tire rims and the interior original Nissan has a funny way, it's like carrying a soldier spacer

LOL. This is what I got when I used the interweb to translate. Kinda makes sense. HAHA.
^^I agree. I like the black wheels. The width of the rims, 10" wide looks sweet. Not like yours (Frontin40) aren't b!tchin either tho.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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