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How does my spark plug look

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Changed my oil at 85K this weekend. Thought I would pull a spark plug and take a look. Looks OK. Surprising that this is the first time I have pulled a plug yet. Those new plugs sure are fancy and long lasting; as well as expensive. Took a gap reading. Looks to be at .045" with the factory gap at .043. after 85K the plug only wore 2 one thousandsth of an inch. How does it look to you guys. Was thinking about doing some engine maintenance this summer. Maybe I'll hold off. And do we run the "11" version of this plug? That is the "//" I see on the plug below the PLFR5A.

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iridium plugs are OE because their long life, a part of emissions system guarantee i believe. iridium is a very poor conducter of electricity!!!
i had never seen any comments on the variations of iridium plugs, thanks for the good info as the learning never ends. i like to cross reference to a standard ngk plug when possible but prolly due to higher profits many sites do not show that!
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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