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How do I find my keyless receiver?

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I got a keyless entry and power lock system installed in my 08 SE CC, and use aftermarket key fobs to lock and unlock the doors. I would like to replace the janky looking square remotes with factory style ones. The truck came with NO power equipment (doors, mirrors, locks, windows), so how can I determine what kind of keyless receiver is in the truck, so I can go about getting factory functionality out of the new Nissan remotes I am getting on eBay? The key fobs are from a Micro DLR4 system.

AND- what is the part number of the OEM 2008 Crew Cab keyless remote?


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thats not how remotes work. if you had an aftermarket system installed you cant just switch to the factory remotes. i guess if you got creative with a dremel you could make the insides of one remote work in the other but thats a LOT of work.
Ah. They must receive only certain frequencies, then. What about getting a Nissan factory receiver?
its all controlled through the BCM. its not just something you can go out and buy. you would have to piece it together and then take it to a dealer with the consult III i believe and hope they would activate the option IF it was included in your BCM. your better off just living with what you have.
Or get a BCM out of a fully loaded truck from a wreckyard or something... and remote receiver
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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