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Hot engine compartment

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After running my truck for just a few minutes, the hood is too hot to touch. Lifting the hood while running I notice a super hot stream of air towards the front of the engine shooting upward. Its been almost 100 here in FL but I have never felt that type of heat from an engine. I have only had the truck a few weeks so not sure if it was always like this. The black plastic from the air filter and the engine cover are scalding hot. The temp gauge reflects normal, just looking for opinions before I take it to the dealership and the try to tell me it is normal. If it makes a difference its an 07 with 4.0 ltr and a K&N air filter. I plan to check the filter this weekend maybe it needs a cleaning? Any ideas/suggestions?
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I am going to venture to say that it is semi-normal. The mech fan is just pulling air thru the radiator making it hot and pushing it around the engine bay. This on top of the FL heat, it just makes it insanely hot.

If the gauge inside doesn't rise at all, then it is normal.

If you are looking to test it yourself, you can get a meat thermometer and stick it into the radiator between the fins to test its temp as a quick and dirty thing.

To help cut down on this insane temp you can install a standard 07 350z Tstat which opens a few degrees cooler then the oem Frontier one.

Now for the mods, cutting the crossmember isn't correct for a little lift. They may have installed a carrier bearing drop bracket thou so that is normal and a smart move.

For the other mods, just poke around under there and take some pics and post them up. Most will chime in if they know what it is.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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