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Hot engine compartment

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After running my truck for just a few minutes, the hood is too hot to touch. Lifting the hood while running I notice a super hot stream of air towards the front of the engine shooting upward. Its been almost 100 here in FL but I have never felt that type of heat from an engine. I have only had the truck a few weeks so not sure if it was always like this. The black plastic from the air filter and the engine cover are scalding hot. The temp gauge reflects normal, just looking for opinions before I take it to the dealership and the try to tell me it is normal. If it makes a difference its an 07 with 4.0 ltr and a K&N air filter. I plan to check the filter this weekend maybe it needs a cleaning? Any ideas/suggestions?
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I do hear a small pop-assuming its the thermostat and the coolant is nice and green. I checked under the hood after it sat for over 3 hrs and the black plastics were still hot. Cranked it up and the air coming through wasn't quite as hot- air temp dropped about 10 degrees and the sun hadnt been directly overhead as it had been for 5 hr up until I got in it this afternoon. I checked other parts of the trucks body and they were pretty hot too even being white. Heat index has been 110+ for the last week or so, prolly just the heat. I'll still mention it when I bring it in for an alignment this weekend see what they sa, maybe they can test the thermostat just to be sure. I want to get anything I can find addressed before the dealer warrantee goes out in 1K. I have been trying to get a complete mods list from the previous owner, but they say they can't get ahold of him and they wont gimme his number. I made them sign my extended warantee guarenteeing it covers the truck as I bought it, but still alittle nervous. Already been told it doesnt have the camber locks they need to properly align it but they are going to put some on for me since I made it clear I was pissed that the aligment obviously wasnt done before I bought it. I am glad I got a great deal on it b/c they are pissing me off about the mods list!! I hate not knowing everyhting that was done to it!! I've done a lot of research and have identified what I have listed in signature, but not sure about spacers for the wheels or upgrades to certain parts of the steering systems because of the lift. I'm going to take it to an off-road shop and see if they will get up under there with me and go over some stuff. I worry about the driveshaft angle as it has changed b/c of the lift, looks like part of a support beam was cut for the driveshaft. Is that normal practice?
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I tried that and it definately got cooler, unfortunately that caused a whole slew of other issues that after talking to the dealership isn't covered under warranty. It is a slightly downhill 3.5 mile ride to work so it wasnt too bad this afternoon even in 70 year record 102 degree heat. I am not looking forward to having to cutting a hole in the floorboard in the parking lot after work. Glad I brought my sneaks, gonna be a fun Flinstones style ride home!!!:itsfriday:
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