Homelink IV mirror from a 2014 frontier SL. $125 plus shipping. Excellent, like-new condition. Supports compass, temp, auto-dim, and homelink IV. Better than a homelink III mirror because it will work on garage door openers beyond 2013, 2013 had a new security standard with homelink IV and older mirror will not support it.

This is a plug and play upgrade for any 2005-2012 SL/LE. 2013+ SL already have this mirror.

This is an easy upgrade for any other 2005-2019 with the auto dimming mirror. It bolts right on and a few wires need to be spliced. I have a detailed installation thread for anyone needing assistance. This mirror is sort of hard to find so the price is firm. I really enjoyed having this mirror in my truck up until I sold it. I would have used it in my Tacoma except there is a more Toyota specific mirror for that truck so I went that route.