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home made sliders

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so i starting making these a while back and had to redo the mounting legs. they were to close to the pinch weld and during flex they were rubbing. here is a few pics of the redone sliders and where i mounted them.

mounted the same way shrockworks....

(not in pic but rear mount left/bottom hole is drilled out and bolt and nut installed)

all welded up and painted with bed liner....

here they are on the truck....

only have the drivers side finished up still working on the pass side.
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blends in nice, the first picture of you showing it on the truck i had to look good i thought it wasn't on it. Nice welds also man, i need to learn how to weld and bend and everything so i could create a tank..
that looks thinking of doing the same thing....what size tubing did you use? and thickness?..thanks
2 X 1 X 14 GA (.083 wall) for the rails and 2 X 2 X 14 GA (.083 wall) for mounting legs. i had the .083 laying in the garage from my ratrod project but i would have preferred 11 GA (.120 wall)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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