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I am looking at adding a tow hitch to my 06. Nissan one is $165 + shipping. U-haul sells one of their own brand for $120. Anyone have experience with both (or other brands - Hidden Hitch, DrawTite)?

I would be buying a Nissan OEM harness.
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I've installed a Hidden Hitch on my 05. I used a Nissan harness for the tralier plug as well as the aftermarket brake booster under the dash. Use the harnesses from Nissan - Highly recommended. (besides, your truck is already wired for it) The install was clean and tidy and everything is there including relays. (The booster adaptor and trailer plug harnesses are separate p/n's)

One thing you'll run into using an aftermarket hitch is that there won't be a place to mount the factory Nissan trailer plug port. (The factory Nissan hitch has a place built into it) You'll have to be a little creative and make a bracket to hold it in place if you go the aftermarket hitch route.

Good luck with the install.

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