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I am looking at adding a tow hitch to my 06. Nissan one is $165 + shipping. U-haul sells one of their own brand for $120. Anyone have experience with both (or other brands - Hidden Hitch, DrawTite)?

I would be buying a Nissan OEM harness.
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rmswitch said:
One thing you'll run into using an aftermarket hitch is that there won't be a place to mount the factory Nissan trailer plug port. (The factory Nissan hitch has a place built into it) You'll have to be a little creative and make a bracket to hold it in place if you go the aftermarket hitch route.
I ran into that problem myself... thought I'd saved money getting a class III after market, but then had to fabricate up a place for that rcvr harness. I think it came out OK though:

You can see how it came out here:[/url]
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