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Hitch Mount Winch - Warn xd9000i

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I ended up getting an amazing deal on a hitch mount winch with tons of winch accessoris from a buddy at work who had it on a show truck. thing was only used once. Came with all the wiring to run front and back hook ups, 20' jumper cable type connection, Warn medium duty accessory bag and of course the Warn xd9000i winch on its portable mount. I have yet to use it (good thing I guess), but I am really looking forward to seeing what this thing will do! anyone in Portland area want to go and get stuck?


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sticks out a lil far i dont think i would drive with it on there our aproach angle sucks already plus i would be worried about someone stealing it right off the truck but its cool cause you can swap it front and back i like it for sure:goodjob:
You dont leave it in unless you need it. looks good
i'd mount that in the front bumper and sell the cradle.
Sweet! Looks good. And nice to be able to remove that extra weight for daily driving.

regarding the theft thing, just get a locking hitch pin.
anyone in Portland area want to go and get stuck?
It's a trap... don't trust any one with UofI plates.
It's a trap... don't trust any one with UofI plates.
Yea, (Here's a pic of my neice and the kicker (Kyle Brotzman) from the Fiesta Bowl.... I guess Idaho did win the Humanatarian Bowl tho..
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I remember when they put in the smurf turf I might still have a chunk of it some place.
My plates are UofI not Boise State! HUGE difference. Boise is not a State anyway!

daily driving the winch lives in the cab or garage. I ended up getting a locking pin,but I dont plan on keeping it on the truck unless I am using it. so probably not worried about someone steeling it then!
I think I said don't trust anyone with UofI plates. Boise is not a state but it is a state school. Then we got off on a tangent on how cool BSU was.. leave it to a Vandal to not be able to keep up. UofI was my fall-back school but I went to TESC. So I can't say much..
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