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Who has the highest mileage on the clock? I had a 1998 Dodge Dakota 318 that had 350,000 miles on it when I parked it. Tranny went out and I didn't want to spend any money on it. Bought a new 2000 Dakota and just kept driving the 98 and kept the 2000 in the garage.

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Nice! What does your routine maintenance look like? Any major repairs?
The truck has pretty much been rock solid.
I've had the rear axle seals replaced under warranty, changed the plugs twice (100k, 200k). Changed the serpentine belt at 100k and 250k, cam shaft sensor (passenger side) three times and drivers side once and the crankshaft sensor once.
My cats are pretty much gone but I've been running with the O2 spacer fix for a couple of years now.
I replaced all 4 discs at around 200k and did front and rear shocks and front springs at about 230k. Replaced sway bar links, sway bar bushings and lower ball joints at the same time.
Had to change the driveshaft u-joint twice also.
I also changed the rear diff oil at 100k.
I was religious with oil changes at 5k intervals but I've gotten lazy and it's been 8k since my last one. I've never changed the tranny fluid totally but have done several 3qt drain and fills recently.
Replaced the fuel tank sending unit about 8 years ago and I replaced the oil pressure sending unit.
Never flushed the cooling system or brakes. Power steering is probably the next thing that needs my attention as I have a weeping hose.
Had a minor hiccup a while ago and got a misfire cylinder 1 code but I think it was some crappy fuel as it's been running good ever since. I've also since replaced all the coil packs.
I do think the tranny may be slipping a little so I'm hoping a few more fluid swaps should solve that.
I'm pretty easy on the old girl now, don't really stand on it any more but have done a few long-ish trips (3+ hours) and she's done well. Still getting around 17mpg city out of her also.
I think that's everything, fingers crossed lol
Need any more info just drop me a message. I'm in SW Florida, so the weather isn't too bad for cars here also

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Highest mileage I've ever seen was an 89 Ford F250 with the n/a 7.3L and 5 spd trans. It had 855k and had to use a jump box and another truck to crank it over enough to start. Worn out but still ran barely.

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My 89 325i had 350k-ish on it when I sold her. I regretted it the next day, too

My wife's Cherokee has 343k on it right now. It's rock solid.

High mileage is not an issue now a days. I buy and sell many vehicles with way over 200k. I have also seen many full size chevy and ford trucks with over 800k on the odometer here in south texas because how far the drive is to go anywhere when you work in construction or oil jobs.

Shoot, the va doctor I just spoke to yesterday said he puts 100k a year on his vehicle because he is a traveling specialist. And he only works here in Texas.

I used to put 80-100k a year on a company truck doing insurance inspections for state farm, farmers, and the other larger insurance companies

I have zero issues buying a vehicle with 200k plus miles
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