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higher mpg numbers

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I'm working on trying to get my 98 4x2 4 cylinder Frontier as fuel efficient as possible. See my website at I also have a Yahoo forum of the same name. I'm obviously not into offroading and getting huge horsepower numbers, what I'm after is efficiency. I'm up to 28 mpg in the city. I generally don't speed much, I run my tires at 42 psi, and am modifying the engine for efficiency. My first big project is my radiator cooling fan. I removed the clutch driven fan and installed an electric one. It runs like a champ and boosted my mpg more than I thought it would. Previously I was getting only 23 to 27 mpg but now I'm getting consistent 27 to 28 in the city and over thirty miles per gallon on the highway. I'm currently building an aerodynamic cap that will slope from the top of the cab down to the tailgate. My next engine project will be to change from power to manual steering. Any ideas on how to accomplish this? I don't think Nissan ever made a manual sterring box for the Frontier. Does anyone know of another type that will bolt in? I also would like to put narrower, low rolling resistance tires. I like the Cooper tires mention in the previous post. I currently have 215/65 15 tires but I don't know which of the Cooper tires would be the best match for a narrower tire. I don't understand their sizing system. Any ideas? I want to keep the diameter as close as possible to what it is now so my mph and odometer readings will stay accurate. Thanks for any info.
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What type of rock are you smokin man...

I hate to say it but you are partially correct in your assumption of things about the reasons we are there but obviously you havent looked at the big picture. So we are there for oil. Is that such a bad thing? No. But that isnt the only reason. I am sorry if you have seen but we found warehouses full of massacred bodies if you werent paying attention. And the chevy full size pickup gets 3-5 miles better a gallon. Thanks. But it is not a true hybrid if it is a 4x4 anyways because of the 4x4. Second, why did you join the military then? It's like telling a cop you might get shot. It's part of the job of going to battle when called upon so dont give me this crap that oh I am a way from my family and I might die. Well buddy those are things you should have thought about before joining. That is part of the job isnt it? I know it sucks but that is what comes with the territory so stop whining. I would go if I could but I cant because of a disability so you need to realize also that toyota makes a suv hybrid also. And dont condemn those that want to drive what they want. That is why we are trying to defend this country and help other country have the same freedoms we do. My cousins are over there and my two uncles work at the pentagon here in the DC area so dont you dare tell me how it feels when all you do is listen to people like Michael Moore. And yes his movie was good but also misqued, cut, spliced and fixed to his interpretation. So you can take your little 4x2 or wanna be hybrid and argue to your blue in the face but you might want to get your facts straight. Oh yeah a minivan fits more and gets better MPG also. Mr.DUDE. Do you know any other word, dude! A car/truck is a reflection of oneself. 4x2=not confident enough to drive a 4x4. Little tires mean another thing.
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Well I apologize for what I posted...

I apologize for not just talking about trucks but did mean what I said except the 4x2 comment since I was a little heated up by ignorance.

And for the record a 4x4 is not a real hybrid because it is constantly using gas when in 4 wheel drive. You can go to the local Chevy dealer ship and ask. I have already spoken to 3 dealerships and they will say the same thing. It is not a true hybrid. But they are convient since they have outputs in the bed for power tools.

If the toyota highlander is not a tradition truck that is fine to say but it is hybrid and has almost as much room as a smaller 4x2 nissan. Unless you stack over the cab alot.

I just apologized that is all...

I never said there was anything wrong with getting better gas mileage. And I get condemned for having any opinion when the other post was all about dying for oil. Come on. What is that crap! Its alright for one person to have an opinion but not another. Well then I guess people forget why we fight certain wars then. But I never said it was bad or wrong to get better gas mileage. I was just making a point about not being a true hybrid from what I was told from several dealers. And the 4x2 comment I apologized for and also got ripped again. And for the record, my SE that I bought with 4x4 which I use at least once a week, thanks, is only $300 and change more then the same model in a 4x2 so if that is too expensive I would have to say your crazy. It isn't. It also depends where you live and what you are using it for. Comparing a SUV to a minivan is apples and oranges also. Besides SUVs nowadays are pretty much just trucks on car suspensions unless it is the a certain manufacturer or a larger truck. Expense wise they are very much the same so being materialistic isnt even arguable. It comes down to practicality and that is why I bought my frontier. Size, power, 4x4 and best choice in its class.

So don't condemn me for things I did and didn't say I would appreciate it. I apologized and got ripped more for it when Mr. Hybrid started in with dying for oil so dont take pop shots at me for having an opinion that doesnt agree with you and others. That is why again wars are fought so people can have those opinions. So I apologize for not agreeing with your standards.
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I swear Okie...

I only paid $24300 for my SE 4x4 auto and all power. I just cant believe how much the price has gone up. That is unbelieveable in only 4 months.

I appreciate the support. You know what is funny is the fact that I could apologize but no one would ever respect that fact because they feel they are right all the time. Just stubborn is all.

Hope all are well and keep wheelin with your fronty.
For better mileage...

Did you guys see that a few months ago in the 4wheel mag that someone tranformed his toyota pickup into using propane gas for fuel? It didnt appear to be that bad of an install either just reprecutions of safety I would think. But he stated it was cheaper and just as fuel effiecent in another article the following month.
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